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Author: Dasvidanya Subject: Home

Posts: 1
Registered: 08-15-2006

posted on 08-15-2006 at 05:24 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

I'm going to Russia to begin my new life with my WOMAN and I don't understand why more men don't do the same.

I understand that you all have your own unique circumstances. But, when I considered all things, I answered yes to the question of, "Do I really love the Russian in my Russian woman?". And when I did it was completely obvious that I both need to and want to relocate to keep the Russian in my Russian woman.

I am not naive about life there. But, much is changing economically speaking. And what I love about her is all there; not in the West.

Many thousands of men decry the now typical Western woman psych. Yes, of course you are right. And it is precisely because you are SO right about Western women that I will not see her or any of our future children slowly ruined by a sociological process which may turn a feminine diamond into some kind of coal. Certainly not our future daughter.

There are more millionaires and billionaires, per capita, there than any other country in the world. Their education system is far superior. Their medical system is better, unless of course you like the idea of paying for medical attention with the sum total of your life's work. They are a net oil exporter. Have you seen the price of oil lately? Russia is massive. They are beside China, another waking giant. They are already in huge commercial collaboration with this economic ally.

I'm buying a Chery Tiggo(Chinese) in Russia. And if I was GM, Toyota, Chrysler et al I'd be dammed worried. This is simply a case in point.

It is perhaps a bit ironic, but already, even before I am relocated, my fiance and I have worked together to create more career success for myself and our family IN RUSSIA, than I have ever seen here. And my projections are so sweet I will likely spend the rest of my life there.
Forget the winter home in Florida. Hello Greece.

There are so many aspects of Russia which work much, much better for me than all the same in the West. But, most of all, when I am there and assimulating into the culture and society and language of Russia, I will never again have to encounter another Western Feminazi. I am so completely fed up with women who have entirely forgotten the Art of Being a Woman, that I have already more than had enough for one lifetime.

Imagine ... for the rest of my life being surrounded by my beautiful Russian woman, raising our beautiful Russian children within the context of the ever present society of real women. Oodles of them. And by the way, most are not chomping at the bit to leave. This is now gone. Check out the Russian language personals sites to see where most of the sweeties are hanging out these days if you doubt.

And one last comment to the Feminazi's of the West ... I don't need to hear your b.s. rants about the finest women on the planet.

To the rest who truly seek happiness ... Good luck.

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