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Author: gotbeefbrah Subject: Cherry blossoms ( blossoms.com )
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posted on 06-14-2007 at 05:48 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Cherry blossoms ( blossoms.com )

Cherry blossoms (blossoms.com)stops doing tours. Foreign Affair now is the only tour company to
take organized group tours to the Philippines.

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posted on 06-15-2020 at 09:16 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Asian Tours AForeign Affair

I too am always hopelessly falling over myself when it comes to the beauty of the Asian female. It began in the Army back in '68, my first footstep on Vietnamese soil. Hottest damn place I've ever existed. The native ladies were mixtures of the exotic and hard-working class of endless motion and high-pitched conversation until the night filled with calls of wildlife, monkeys and birds. The distant, muffled human noises of pleasure also.

I live now in a paradise where those memories have eased to a smile, not the violence. Never that. But so many whispers of nighttime playfulness from lips that spoke a foriegn language most the time. They captivated me, those lips, the women who used them on my skin, who spoke of love in ways no words ever could or will.

I will be attending a tour to Cebu this year, hopefully, if the virus doesn't further disrupt AFA tour schedules. It will be my first in several years, after a cancer scare kept me for most of 2016-18. I'm recovered now, and thankful. I intend to travel Asia as much as possible for my remaining health and time. This man will once again feel the whisper of lips to his cheek, and smell the fragrance of soft Asian flesh against mine.

View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By konaoutrigger (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

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posted on 06-15-2020 at 10:48 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Asian Women Hawaiian Style

Here, on Oahu, and the big island of Hawaii, we see many Japanese, Chinese, Filipina, Vietnamese women who come with wealthy husbands or other family. I am Samoan and have noticed great amounts of arrogance from most of them. The Samoan people have existed in the islands for thousands of years, but to have other, newer arrivals come with racist attitudes toward us is very wrong and probably more than a little dangerous. Samoan males carry an extra masculine gene when it comes to being disrespected, especially if we've had a few beers.

I need to include this thought. Of all the Asian women who come to the islands, it is the Filipina who are the most sincere and generous with their smiles.

A white friend of mine took a tour to the Philippines with one of those companies and found a beautiful Filipina to marry. He used to be stationed in San Diego, but after retiring he tried the tour thing and lucked out big time. She is family minded and works with disabled kids. Lucky catch.

I myself have been married twice to Hawaiian women and have six kids, three boys, three girls. The girls live with their mothers, the boys with me. I work for the government here and have a decent salary, so in a few years when the boys are grown I think I'll go searching for a Filipina wife.

Which tour company is the best? I'll have to ask my friend and see which one he used. He told me, but I fotgot which one he said.

Aloha as well.
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By gotbeefbrah (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member
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