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Author: fireeater Subject: Verified Woman - Scam or not

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posted on 08-08-2008 at 07:13 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Verified Woman - Scam or not

One thing to be aware of is those agencies that are working with woman to scam you out of your money. These woman are suppose to be verified, yet you may find out they have different profiles if you take the time to look for them.

Take one on the same site, two profiles, one profession was a teacher, the other she was a lawyer. Same pictures, same birthdate, some slight variations in the other information. You also found her on another site with the same lawyer profile.

Our one, who says she is widowed in her note, but her profile says divorced. When you ask about this you never hear back from her again.
A few other differences as well from her profile to what she says.
One that cannot remember which profile she is now talking for.

Another who was on a site, profession was an administer, status widowed, left one site went to another with the same profile but her age dropped a year on that one. Now has returned a few months later, now divorced, profession a housewife, also other small changes in other details. She was only gone a two months, not enough time to get married, and divorced as well. Her other profile still reads widowed on the other site, as it was for the first one on. How did this agency verify both status, one on being widowed, one of being divorced. (both should have documents to prove this status) or is she really married.

Or those who claim to have a full time job as something else, but also seem to be up all night when they should be sleeping, almost every day.
Their work must suffer, since they would be extremely tired. Most employers would soon fire them, if they lived here.

If you go to the video chat you can verify these woman are the ones in the picture. But you have no idea whether this verification they claim they have made at the agency is correct, or made up by the actually agency, with the woman's help.

They may claim this woman is verified, but for what. Her age and birth date, that she is a woman and looks like her picture. But anything else you read in her profile could be total fiction. You do need to do your homework, look around other sites, as well as remembering what is said to you, or what you read. Then ask those pointed questions, you may save your money, and eliminate those that are fakes.

The problem with this type are they throw suspicion on all the woman who may actually be who they say they are. Not good for any site, or agency. Can you trust any woman that is on that site in that city, since they may be all fake. My advice when you see this for more then one, eliminate the whole city. You have no way of knowing if these woman are represented by one agency or if there are a couple of agencies on the site for the same city. Better safe then waste your money on something that will never happen.

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Verified Woman - Scam or not