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Author: Theo3773 Subject: The Curtain Behind the Veil

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Registered: 01-28-2011

posted on 10-28-2011 at 07:30 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
The Curtain Behind the Veil

I finally figured it out. I am sitting here kind of numb. I must explain all of this so that all of you can properly protect yourselves.

First off, I would like to thank those who contributed to comments regarding how scammers work.

I want to affirm that women in Anastancia Date with profile IDs starting in 11 are indeed operators. Avoid them I have a personal list of AD scammers and all of them had 11.

I have more than enough evidence to state without any problems that pure letter writing is 100% scammer. Translators pay the girls or the translators just use women's photos and they talk with men freely. Avoid pure letter writing at all costs.

Chat without cam is scammer. You have no idea who that woman is. Do not trust it at all. Given the price you are paying, the agency can easily buy 10 cams if they so please.


I speak in Russian. I am also learning Ukrainian and I am in grad school for Russian and Eastern European Studies. I speak in these 2 languages every single day. Now, when I communicate with women, I speak in Russian and Ukrainian only. This is to make sure that she is real and not playing around. After meeting a woman on a dating site, seeing her on cam...etc, I then attempt to move her over to vkontakte.ru or ODNO since I can talk there easily. And it's free. If a woman is really interested, you would think she would talk anywhere with her man. Right?

I noticed that single women have more difficulty in doing this. They only want to talk on the dating sites.

I then was talking with single mothers. I noticed the same. What got me on this one was that they would be begging me to chat on the dating site while being logged into VK and ODNO. I would send them communication outside of the dating site and they would give me limited communication, or zero.

I talked about this with my mole. Yes, I have a mole in Ukraine and she is on more than one dating site. I could not believe what she said to me. She said yes, the actions of the women, in particular the single mothers, is illogical. Especially single mothers because the possibility of them getting remarried is very very low, shoot, even getting a date is low.

And then, she just laid out the bomb. She said, "Ask if they need money" I was like WTF? But she just kept to this statement again and again. Ask if they need money. She then said that the single mothers need the money and that is why they are talking. I took a total step back and I asked her how many of her friends in the agency are receiving money from men. She said all of them. Wow...... And then she said, the women did not want to change from agency chat to chat on VK because it was too early and they needed money. She implied that the women are receiving money for chat. And if I pay the women directly, then they would talk anywhere.

She then talked about love.... yeah.... and I am like, sure...... if I pay for it....

This was the smoking gun for which I was looking. It means that the reason we have to pay so much money is that the women are indeed being paid. The women receive money directly from more than one man at a time however this is not common. And she receives money from chat or web chat.

This totally blew my mind. This makes total sense. She further explained the situation. Most of the women on the dating sites are totally poor. I mean, real poverty. This is their only job. Basically, they will talk with men who are in their 50s sure..... they need the money. OF course, they have no desire to marry them period. Yes, some of them are looking for love however, they are being paid while looking for love. She also stated that almost all women who married a man, they received money directly from the man before marriage and before meeting him in Ukraine. And when he went to Ukraine, yeah, she met him and used him more. She freely used the verb "to use" regarding women's actions towards foreign men.

I would highly recommend abandoning any paid online dating unless it is something like match.com I have filled in the gaps finally. Comments welcome
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The Curtain Behind the Veil