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Author: fireeater Subject: Russian Love Match/Hot Russian Brides

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Registered: 06-11-2008

posted on 06-11-2008 at 10:59 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Russian Love Match/Hot Russian Brides

Some information for those who might think to use this service. I had some spare time, and money to waste here, so I gave it it a try for amusement. But some points for others if you do try this with great expections.
Form letters - Will get these as an introductry letter, which is fair. But some use these all the time. Easy to see if one looks at them closely.
Could it be written to fifty men, or just you. When replying ask questions she should answer. If they are never answered you are still getting them. If they are where are they answered in the letter, tack on. One thing is that sooner or later they also mess these up if you miss seeing it for yourself. Drop her and save your money.
Gift requests- Some will start suggesting these even after a couple of letters, guess what they are really after. It is not you. Do not send gifts unless you are sure after many, many, months.
Worker bees - They are paid woman who are contacting you. Could one really like you, maybe, but extremelly doubtfull. Easy to figure out, they basically live on the system. Ask yourself this simple question. If they work at another job, yet spend all afternoon and night on the system when do they sleep. For this you can change your setting, that allows you to be on the system but the women do not know it. You can check and see when they are there, whenever you like.
Check other web sites - Browse other web sites that offer this service. See if yours is on another one, and if the profile reads the same or is different in some way. Another one to drop, for two reasons. Profile different, who is she. The second, no wonder she is not answering for a while too busy on another site.
Chat room- Stay out of this unless you wish to just talk without finding that woman. You will get many chat requests, mainly from young sexy girls as soon as your Id is live, even before they see a picture of you.
And everytime you sign on afterward you will be flooded with these.
Video - One can just take a look at a girl without talking to her, if you wish to verify her to the pictures posted. But some profiles are never in this area, yet letters will come in from them. In some cases I do not beleive those are real profiles, for the actual person. But that is my opinion, since they only are on line, in what would be the middle of the night for them. Ask them to come to chat if you have doubts, I expect they can not for some reason.
Final check - If you think she is the one, have a friend set up a profile only. Not as a member, but a profile can be established for free. If she sends him a letter, then you know she is not serious about you. One that is, would never look for a new relationship. It is amazing who can be eliminated in this manner. But your friend will receive a lot of e-mails.
Interesting results there. Over 500 e-mails in two days in the web site. But only about 100 e-mails in the link to his personel e-mail. (you are notified there if you wish when one comes in). So what happened to the other 400. Where did these come from. Checking the town tells you who is sending them, the agency. One night 200 came in, yet only 70 ladies were on line at the time. (this is when they sleep, but we are still up)
Hope some of this helps others, for those thinking of this site. Anyone want furthur information just ask.

Can you find one here, I think the answer is yes, but first you have to wade through too much garbage. The answer is watch, think, read, and use your brain when thinking of one. But even then you could miss her in the maze of false notes. Also be prepare to spend a fortune in finding her.
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Russian Love Match/Hot Russian Brides